It all started here...

It all started here...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Skagway was our port of call for Tuesday. The ship arrived port at 7:00am and buses taking people to various excursions already lined up by the dock. Our ship docked quite far to the end of port but walking was not a problem.

In fact, it was a very nice walk along the waterfront. People were fishing and watching the salmons at this river along the route.

The town of Skagway. We have been here before so this time we just planned on strolling around town.


The oldest cabin in town.

We wanted to try the Beer Chili from Skagway Brewery that was recommended on the internet but it was very crowded inside. So we just ordered to go and enjoyed it sitting on a bench across the street. Two cups of hot delicious chili per order for around $7, really great for a day like this.

We just walked around town, went to the public library to use their wi-fi, before heading back to the ship for lunch.

This is the walkway by the waterfront between the dock and the town.

After lunch, we went back out to town. 

This train takes people through White Pass.

For us, we just wanted to take a hike up Dewey Lake.

We walked up til here and decided to stop there and wait for Christian who wanted to go all the way. The view was beautiful from here.

The path that we walked on going up.

This is where the trail leading up to the lake.

Christian finally coming back down. Many people were hiking, some with dogs.

The head of the trail where people left their makeshift walking sticks for others to use.

A "well-decorated" car that was parked on the street.

Back to the ship for another wonderful dinner.