It all started here...

It all started here...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last day in Rome

On our last full day in Rome, we woke up early for a quiet visit to the Trevi Fountain. Our hotel was just a few steps away around the corner so it was very easy for us. It certainly was quiet comparing to the crowds the day before. It seemed that we had the whole place to ourselves.

Then we walked to the Spanish Steps area. Again, very quiet.

It was so awesome to have the place all for us.

We strolled back to our hotel.

We signed up for the tour to the Vatican with the tour the day before with the same tour operator who took us through the Colesium. We gathered at the metro station near the Vatican and the guide took us to the office where we paid for the tour. Then we walked to the entrance to the museum where you could see a long, long line forming around the wall.

Good thing we did not have to get in the long line and were inside in no time.

Inside the museum

Well, that was where we lost MOR, inside the Sistine Chapel. He went out the wrong exit while we waited for him at the group tour exit that took us to the St. Peter's Basilica. Because I waited for him outside hoping he will show up, I missed the opportunity to go inside the basilica. Oh, well, I will have to come back to Rome. After waiting for a couple of hours, we decided to go back to the hotel without him.

Even though I was worried, I had to snap a few pictures out there.

Later that afternoon, Jonathan and I went back to the square to look for him some more with no success. After a few hours he came back to the hotel and told us about his adventure. He was walking back from the Vatican, taking his own little tour around the city while we were worried sick about him. Thank God that he was safe though.

In the evening, we took up Jonathan's suggestion and went to the restaurant where they had dinner the day before. Again, we walked from the hotel to the restaurant which was a nice walk. I just love these doorknobs, or whatever they are called.

This is one of the top rated restaurants in Rome. Yes, expensive, but it was quite an experience and the food was excellent!

Champagne was served here at the waiting area before we were seated at our table.

Dinner was mostly seafood, great seafood.

Fresh scampi and oysters

a lobster dish



This restaurant had no cover charge and service was amazing. It was a perfect ending for our trip to Europe. The next morning, we had the same taxi driver came and took us to the airport. I promised myself I will be in Rome again to make up what I've missed on this trip.