It all started here...

It all started here...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Helsinki, Finland

cont. Carnival Splendor 2008 - Baltic

Sea Day
We just enjoyed the ship and had a relaxing day on the splendid Splendor. This is such a huge ship that we didn't really notice that there were over 3,000 passengers on this sailing. This was also one of the formal night on this trip.

Helsinki, Finland
We took the shuttle from port to town. The shuttle cost either $10 USD or 10 Euros round-trip. Some people walked, but it really was too far to walk. The shuttle bus dropped us off at t little square in town, then we walked to all the places we wanted to go. It was quite easy. We first walked to the Rock Church.

Interior of the Rock Church.

We went up to the balcony and sat for a while listening to someone playing beautiful music for the visitors.

This is also a good place for a rest stop.

 on top of the rock

Then we walked to the Museum.  It was not open so we waited. This museum looked like a church to me but it was actually just built like this as a museum.

There were many rooms to explore inside this museum.

These are museum items? I owned this kind of hair dryer and the exact same cosmetic case years ago. Am I that old?

Back to the main part of the city.

We then reached Senate Square. 

inside the Lutheran Church

From there we went to Market Square which is an open market where you can find many vendors selling different wares. 
We tried the Reindeer sausage and reindeer meatballs.

These fried little white fish were delicious also.

Our next stop was the Orthodox church up on the hill. It's quite scenic up there.

You can see the Market Square from there.

Time to get back on the shuttle. 

Past the park...

...some sidewalk cafes, and back to the shuttle stop.

Back to our 'home'.