It all started here...

It all started here...

Friday, November 30, 2012

Genoa and Portofino, Italy

11/03/2012 (Saturday) -- Genoa and Portofino, Italy

This morning, disembarking the ship was quite hectic. MSC had passengers boarding and disembarking at every port and it seemed many passengers completed their one-week cruise and disembarking here at Genoa. When we got off the ship we were directed to the baggage claim area by mistake by the MSC staff. After walking out the port area, we were met by a man who asked if we want a taxi to go in town for 20 euro. We agreed and off we went with a driver who was to take us to town. While driving, he asked if we were interested in going to Portofino for 35 euro pp. It seemed like a good idea, especially to us because we have been to Genoa before and visiting Portofino sounded interesting. So, that was where we headed.

MSC Splendida approaching the hilly port of Genoa

our taxi passed by Novotel where we stayed four years ago

towns we passed by on our way to Portofino

arriving beautiful Portofino

climbing the steps up to the hill

church on top of the hill

great view

After about an hour, it started to rain just as we were ready to be picked up by Roberto.

Driving back to Genoa. Absolutely beautiful!

I believe this is Santa Margharita.

Roberto had to stop for gas.

Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria

Victory Square

Columbus House

our taxi driving in the narrow alleys

Cathedral of San Lorenzo

Piazza Ferrari

They were selling pizzas and foccacia in the tent on the right side of this picture. Delicious!

Back to the ship after a few hours in Genoa.

Genoa at night

Ready to set sail.

We had a wonderful day in Genoa with a surprise visit to Portofino. Thanks to our driver, Roberto, who was courteous and friendly. For the price, I really think it was worth it. The drive was about an hour each way and we spent approximately one hour in Portofino.
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