It all started here...

It all started here...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lake Las Vegas

The Other Side of Las Vegas, July 2013

Most people who goes to Las Vegas enjoy the very busy Las Vegas Boulevard (the strip) that's lined with casinos and hotels. But for those who are not into gambling, a drive down to neighboring Henderson could be a pleasant getaway. It's hard to imagine that this is part of Las Vegas even though it is truly in the city of Henderson. There are a few hotels/resorts here, including the Hilton and the Westin but we just wanted to visit the Village. Arriving in the late afternoon we found this place to be serene and interesting. It's almost like taking us back to Italy, a strange feeling indeed.
Lake Las Vegas is actually a part of Lake Mead and it's a community of pricey resorts, vacation homes, and fancy private residence. There are not a lot of stores around but you can still enjoy a relaxing stroll here.


There's a casino at the end but a very tiny one with only some slot machines. Maybe there are other casinos at the hotels/resorts but we didn't check them out.


Not sure if I want this, body sushi?

Very nice!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Asiana Business and ICN Lounge

Asiana Business (747) ICN to LAX and OS Lounge (5/2/2013)

Just as I was ready to post the last batch of pictures from my spring trip, we heard on the news of the crash landing of the Asiana flight from Seoul to San Francisco yesterday. What sad news it was! May the two young lives lost in this accident rest in peace and God's comforting spirit be upon their families in China.

Our flight from Beijing landed safely at Incheon International Airport. We had a five-hour layover here and we did not plan on leaving the airport for that duration. We were prepared for the long wait.

arriving ICN

on a hazy day

Back to this huge mall-like airport.

Oh, something is going on...'s the parade of the imperial court.


What a wonderful way to keep the travellers entertained and learn the Korean culture at the same time!

Revisiting the Asiana Lounge

We found the same spot empty and ready to park here for five hours.

One more cup of noodle.

Business class cabin at the top of this 747 plane.

This business class was full to capacity.

Pre-flight drink--guava juice.

Don't know what it was, but a delicious appetizer.

Meal time! I ordered the western meal, which turned out to be a smart choice.

Salad with prawn

Cream of Mushroom soup

Wagu Beef, excellent!

Cheese Plate

Great dessert--some kind of peach tart, loved the crust! Originally, I planned on ordering the Korean meal but decided at the last minute thinking I could have gotton that at any Korean restaurant and the Wagu beef really sounded delicious. So glad that I switched because what I saw from the other passengers who ordered the Korean meal didn't appeal to me.

Time for breakfast

Don't even try...Korean porridge. Sorry! Suggestion--go with the western meals on Asiana.

This is the end of our month-long trip and an interesting one. We totally enjoyed every part of this journey which I am sure we will remember for a long time to come. Even though it took us many more hours changing planes and waiting at airports, it was still a great experience for us as a family. Not only did we visit new places, spending time with families and friends was also priceless.