It all started here...

It all started here...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


August 24, 2013

This was our last day on this amazing trip between Seattle and Los Angeles. We enjoyed every minute of this trip but by now we were tired and ready to be home. I think the age thing played a large part of it, we are not young any more and driving for days can be draining. In the future I think we need to plan it so that we can spend a couple of days in each place and not have to rush through every town.

Breakfast was at the casino across the parking lot and it was a big buffet with huge selections. After breakfast we checked out, got gas next door, and headed south to Sacramento. We did stop at the Costco in Woodland to fill up our tank and also got some stuff that Christian needed to cook for church lunch the next day.

Going across the parking lot to get our free breakfast buffet.

near downtown Sacramento

Raku Sushi, Sacramento

We just had to stop for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants--Raku Sushi as we went past Sacramento. We had been here a couple of times in the past and enjoyed the all-you-can-eat sushi. Lunch was around $13 and well worth it. This is a busy place so you really have to go early. You can order all you want, including fried oysters, which were quite delicious. 

fried oysters

yellow tail

dessert--fried donuts and fried bananas

After stuffing ourselves silly we were ready to go home.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Crescent City-Weaverville-Redding

August 23, 2013

Crescent City, California
After a restful night, again, we walked across the street from Front Street Inn to the beachfront. There were several buses at the bus stop and I looked at their destinations posted. One was going to Arcata near Eureka. So I guess these buses serve the towns along the Redwood highway area.

The weather was a little better than the last time we were here and we were able to see the Battery Point Light House, which is kind of like a symbol of Crescent City. We were told that we could actually walk over there but we just didn't have the time to do so.

Crescent City Cultural Center

I think this is the recreation center.

beach front

RV campground on the other side of the lagoon

Battery Point Light House

After checking out of the motel we decided to go back to the Chart Room for breakfast. We looked at their breakfast menu the night before and kind of know what we wanted.

not busy at all in the morning

rib-eye steak and eggs

seafood omelette

one more picture of the Chart Room

Del Norte Coast

Drove through Redwood National Park again.

our newly acquired RAV4

a couple more pictures of the coast before we turned inland

Highway 299 between Arcata and Redding

We planned on spending the night in Corning, California so we can catch the Fwy 5 back to L.A. without taking the long route through San Francisco. Highway 299 is supposedly a scenic route and most importantly get us to a town called Weaverville. What attracted me to Weaverville is a place called the Joss House State Park which contains the oldest wooden Chinese temple still in use in California. I wanted to visit there not because of the religious aspect of it but for the history of Chinese in California.

from the ocean to the mountains

Some people claimed that this is the most beautiful highway in California.

Weaverville, California

Weaverville is a small town on Highway 299 and can easily missed if you are not careful. I looked up on tripadvisor and their #1 restaurant listed was Mama Llama so we looked up this place when we got in town. It's an interesting place, very casual and homey. Unfortunately we are not beer drinkers, but they have a huge collection of beer from all around the world. They have 250 different kinds of beer for those who enjoy the adventure. We only ordered a sandwich to share because we had a huge breakfast and we knew what we were going to have for dinner--a buffet. The sandwich was delicious and it was interesting checking out their CD's, DVD, books and gifts that are on sale, even some Beatles items.

the town of Weaverville

Mama Llama, kind of quiet in the afternoon.

beer from around the world

The Chinese temple in Weaverville

our sandwich from Mama Llama--Beefy Marbled Melt

Inside the museum at Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park.
"Going to Golden Mountains"

"The Temple of the Forest Beneath the Clouds"--Won Lim Temple, a Taoist temple that was built by the Chinese in Weaverville around 1874. Actually when we got there, the temple was closed but the gentleman in charge (in the picture) was nice enough to opened it up for us.

The table at the altar is said to be over 1,000 years old, originally from China.

the temple and grounds

entrance to the museum

the bridge between the museum and the temple

Whiskeytown Lake
From Weaverville we only had about 50 miles from Redding.

The Inn at Rolling Hills, Corning, California

We stayed here last year and enjoyed our stay at this hotel right next to Fwy 5. Service was wonderful and the room nice and clean. They have fresh fruits and drinks at the front desk and lounge for guests and they provide free breakfast buffet at the casino restaurant next door. So, all in all not a bad deal.

This would be our last night on this trip before getting home the next day.