It all started here...

It all started here...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Beautiful Churches in China

Generally, when you take a tour in China, you will probably see many temples along the way. You will be taken into some as part of your itinerary. But churches? In China...? 

We had the rare opportunity to visit a couple of beautiful churches on our whirlwind visit in November. It was quite an amazing experience which left a deep impression in my mind. I don't think these churches are open to the public so do not expect to show up and drop in for a tour.

Holy Trinity Church, Shanghai
This is an older church in the heart of Shanghai, very near the Bund. I was astonished by the beautiful structure of the church when we arrived. Once got inside, I felt like I was in one of the old churches in Europe. Absolutely stunning!

Would love to hear someone playing on this pipe organ.

Chongyi Church, Hangzhou
This is a newer church, probably a few years old. It is the biggest Christian church in China, I understand. It was designed by a very talented young female architect, whom I had the privilege of meeting. This beautiful church holds a couple of services each Sunday with 5,000 worshipers attending each service. 

Dushu Church, Suzhou
This brand new church is located right next to the Dushu Lake in Suzhou. A picturesque surrounding which attracts many newly weds having their wedding pictures taken here. There were at least 20 couples posing for their photos the day we were there. This church is neighboring a couple of colleges and universities in a newly developed area.

Plenty of stained glass windows.

One of the smaller chapels inside the building.

May God's Name be glorified!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Astor House Hotel, Shanghai, China

November 10~11, 2014

After learning about our stay at the Astor House Hotel, I was excited to be spending one night there at this historic hotel. Apparently, Astor House was the first western hotel built in Shanghai, and had many famous celebrities stayed there throughout the years, including Einstein and Charlie Chaplain. We have stayed in many hotels in China, large and small, old and modern, but this will be interesting!

We arrived late with a taxi ride from the PVG and were greeted by the friendly staff who handed us everything we needed, including our conference package. Then, with the help of the bellhop who took our bags, we found our room at the end of the hallway on the third floor. 

Hotel building

Our spacious and comfortable room

It's old but clean and tidy.

Supersize bathroom

Entry way to our room--closet on the left.

cupboard on the right 

Double-door to our room

Main hallway on the third floor that night.

We had a good night sleep without any haunting incidents.

Same hallway the next morning.

Another hallway on the third floor.

Stairway between 2nd and 3rd floor

Stairway between 1st and 2nd floor

Steps leading down to the lobby.

Front entrance of the hotel.

Hotel is right across from the Russian Embassy. Guards outside the embassy on the right.

Beautiful dining room where breakfast was served.

Breakfast was good with plenty of choices.

Started my day with a good cup of cappuccino.

North end of the Garden Bridge 外白渡橋, the bridge that foreigners used to cross for free.

A beautiful Shanghai morning from the Bridge and the Russian Embassy.

About a 10-minute walk to the Bund from here.