It all started here...

It all started here...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Freshfields Hotel, Taichung

Freshfields Hotel, Taichung, Taiwan

After Lukang, we went to Taichung and spent the night at the Freshfields Hotel. BIL owns shares of this hotel and he arranged for us to stay there for a relaxing night. This is a hotspring/spa type of hotel, with huge rooms and comfortable amenities. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Soaking tub with a view looking down at the city.

Buffet breakfast in the morning.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Huwei, Wangkung, Lukang

Huwei, Wangkung, and Lukang, Taiwan--April 6, 2014

After spending the night at SIL's house in Huwei (虎尾), we were ready to explore the parts of Taiwan that we have never seen. As we waited for BIL to get some work done at his school, we visited a couple of places in the town of Huwei. 

Yunlin Puppet Museum--a beautiful building

This was the old fire station (across from the Puppet Museum).

Unfortunately, it was not opened.

The Yunlin Story House is nearby and worth a visit.

This historical building used to be the governor's residence.

Traditional Japanese-style building

Story time and art activities are held for school-age children.

a little tea house

Wangkung (王功) is a seaside village famous for fresh oysters. Being a Sunday morning, this place was jammed with visitors from all over the island. All the restaurants here serve their signature dishes of oysters. We walked around and checked out these places and settled on a little place for lunch.

Oyster pizza, oyster soup, oyster omelette.... 

This is a popular one, we were told, but it was too crowded.

We ended up here for lunch.

fried shrimps--crunchy and delicious

clam broth

old fashion oyster omelette(?) without egg

oyster omelette with eggs

fried oysters, kind of like crab cakes

the seaside of Wangkung

Lukang (鹿港)--we continued our drive to Lukang after lunch. The old town of Lukang is well-visited by locals. It is a small town with a lot of history but since it is kind of out of the way, I have never been here before for the many times that I have visited Taiwan.

A little introduction of Lukang.

A very busy Sunday afternoon.

Some kind of parade was taking place from the temple nearby.

old buildings that had been renovated

"Walls of Ceramic Jars"

Lukang Cultural Museum--which used to be the Koo's (辜)Residence.

After our visit to the Lukang Cultural Museum, we drove to Taichung and spent a relaxing night at a very nice spa and hot springs hotel.