It all started here...

It all started here...

Friday, November 7, 2014

EVA Lounge, Taipei and BR 002

EVA Lounge, Taipei and EVA Business (BR 002), TPE to LAX--April 12, 2014

Time to go home. Checked out of the hotel around 11:30, then went on to look for lunch in the area. Ended up at the YMCA nearby for a nice steak lunch. We tried the food court at the department store but it was way too crowded to even get a table. A quiet sit-down lunch was what we needed before our long flight home.

After lunch, we picked up our bags and bought the airport bus tickets from the hotel counter. Then walked to Station A West two blocks away. They have a bus going every 10 minutes, very convenient. Make sure you know which airport terminal you are going so your bags can be put in the correct compartment. Bus tickets cost $150NTD pp. ($5 USD). They scheduled a couple of stops before the airport so plan your time ahead. I find that these buses are way more convenient than the high-speed train. They drop you off right outside the terminals.

Checking in was a breeze, then we headed over to the EVA Lounge on the second floor. There is the "Star" on the left side of the entrance and the "Infinity" on the right side, but you can access both from either entrance. I wanted to shower before getting on board and was told that there is no waiting on the Star side. I should have waited for the Infinity.

Shower in the Star Lounge

Unfortunately, they forgot to refill the towels in that particular room. I did complain to the counter and they apologized.

Neon lights that change colors--Infinity

Beef noodle, quite good!

Plenty of food

hallway to the Star side of the lounge

The Star Lounge



The famous "I See You" commercial of EVA, right outside the lounge.

I believe that's the first class lounge on the other side.

We were so looking forward to be on this EVA flight. Knowing that US Air will soon join One World, this would probably be the last time we would be able to fly EVA using US Air mileage redemption. Boarding was quick because there were only 9 business passengers out of the 20 seats on the plane.

Rimowa amenity kit

Safety video

We had pre-ordered our meals and they turned out good even though lobster was not available on the menu.

great garlic bread


content of the amenity kit

breakfast--chicken noodle

EVA business was good in the service area. Food can be improved. Overall, we had a positive experience on this flight and hopefully, someday, we can repeat this very pleasant experience with EVA.