It all started here...

It all started here...

Monday, March 30, 2015

Sea Day and Meet and Greet

At Sea -- February 20, 2015

Our first sea day finally came on Day 7 of our cruise. After the busy port days, we were looking forward to a relaxing day on board the Jade. Our Cruise Critic Meet and Greet was scheduled for this day also. 

Looked like a beautiful day at sea from Cagney's that morning.

I think most people slept in so Cagney's was extremely quiet.

Just the two of us enjoying our breakfast this morning.

We usually ordered two different entree and shared. This morning I ordered the French toast with bacon.

MOR had the usual--steak and egg.

The CC Meet and Greet was held in Le Bistro at 11:00AM. More than 60 people signed up but only about 30 actually showed. I was a little disappointed.

No, those were not for us.

NCL provided a nice spread of refreshments for our meeting.

Since I was the group leader for this M&G, I had to be there at 10:45 to help out with the preparation.

Cholette, the Group Event Coordinator, did an excellent job putting things together for us.

Archie, the Cruise Director

Many senior officers were present.

Steve was very nice to take over the meeting because I am not a public speaking type.

Raffling off some prizes.

Each of us introduced ourselves.

Dave and Mary Ann, a great couple! We bumped into them on the first day of the cruise. They recognized us from a Jade cruise that we were on in 2012. We actually participated in a cruise critic roll-call overnight tour in Cairo, Egypt on that cruise. It was so wonderful to have met up with them. They were also on the B2B.

Gift exchange

We had a good meeting even though it was not well attended. I think people were busy with their own things since this was the first sea day after those intensive port days.

After the meeting we went to the bridge viewing room on Deck 11 port side.

It turned a little cloudy by noon.

Lunch menu for Cagney's that stays the same everyday.

Must-have--shrimp cocktails

I really liked the Mixed Greens on the last Jade cruise but this time the portion was HUGE which made it harder to find the tasty hearts of palm in there.

Sirloin steak for lunch and the white truffle fries were very good!

The four of us enjoyed our first lunch in Cagney's. We were usually out on port days and missed their lunch hours. 

The warm espresso brownie was delicious but I had to watch my sugar intake. I had to just order the macadamia nut ice cream and gave up the brownie part a few times.

Don't know why I only have one picture of our dinner that night. Probably because it was a lazy day and I was too lazy to even take pictures. I don't remember doing much that afternoon except catching up on the much-needed rest.

We will be in Cagliari tomorrow, a new port for us.