It all started here...

It all started here...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park, Seaside

Road Trip to Seattle 2016

Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park, Seaside -- June 3, 2016
After a restful night in the comfortable apartment, we were ready for another day on the road. This should be a fun day that we have been waiting for. With a revisit to Ecola State Park, first time visit to Seaside, and lunch at our favorite spot in Astoria, the Bowpicker.

The iconic rock in the morning.

Made breakfast of sausage and eggs with toast and coffee.

After breakfast, we took another walk down to the beach before checking out of the hotel. It was a beautiful sunny morning, just glorious!

The short 2-block walk on Harrison down to the beach.

So this was the dark vegetation that we walked through the night before which was pitch-black and scary. Much better in the bright sunlight.

Light, at the end of the 'jungle'.


Many people were already there enjoying this beautiful beach early in the morning.

Low tide.

Interesting patterns on the sand.

Not sure what these were, probably soft shells off some shellfish? They were all over the beach.

After our time at the beach, we walked to the apartment back through the huge hotel complex and this was what we saw near the public parking lot.

Ecola State Park
Checking out of the hotel was quick and easy. Then we took the short drive up to Ecola State Park. That drive was on a narrow winding road but once we got up to the state park it was a huge parking area with a view of the ocean. 

Near the parking lot with picnic tables.

Some random shots up on the hill.

Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock to the south.

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse about a mile off shore.

Several hiking trails around the park.

We were lucky to have such a beautiful day to enjoy this park, just perfect weather!

Our next destination was Seaside, about 8 miles north of Cannon Beach. We have heard of this town but never stopped there before. Thought that it would be a good idea to check it out.

Not knowing how the town is, we spotted a parking space along the main street and parked there, right on a bridge. We later realized that there were many more parking spaces in public lots and closer to the beach front promenade. It was fun walking around town a bit though.

That was where we parked.

This town has a totally different feel than Cannon Beach. It's more 'active' and touristy.
This is the main street, I think it's Broadway.

We just walked straight up to the promenade.

A statue of Lewis and Clark, I think.

Another nice beach!

Seaside is more commercial, with lots of stores and restaurants, family-oriented.

As we walked back, we went inside this 'mall' with many stores and eateries all in one place.

They even have a carousel in the center of the mall. So tempted to get on.

A souvenir store with many interesting stuff.

Even a statue of the 'king'.

Seaside, to me anyway, is more like a mini Las Vegas type. Touristy with lots of things to do. You will have no problem finding fun entertainment or a place to shop, dine or drink into late at night. Whereas Cannon Beach is a relaxing, quiet town with natural beauty. Two different destinations so close together.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sea Breeze Court, Cannon Beach

Road Trip to Seattle 2016

Cannon Beach--June 2, 2016
Last time when we past by Cannon Beach in 2013, it was rainy and cold. We decided to just drive through without making a stop here. We vowed that we would at least spend a night here on this trip. I was expecting really expensive accommodation and planned on paying high prices for the night. I was a little surprised to have found Sea Breeze Court. For around $100 we were able to book a studio with two beds that would sleep three. Seeing the location being so close to the beach I immediately booked on a hotel site for the night.

When we arrived in the late afternoon, we were told by the courteous front desk clerk that the booking site made a mistake and messed up our booking. She was so apologetic that she said they would upgrade us to a one-bedroom suite, if it was OK with us. Of course, any upgrade is welcome anytime! Little did we know what was waiting for us until we unlocked the door to our apartment! 

Yes, it was an apartment on the second floor of the building, with a full kitchen and a balcony. Sparkling clean! This apartment made our stay in Cannon Beach so much more memorable!

Our corner unit--on the second floor.

Stairway from the entrance up to our unit.

After entering the unit, the hallway to the bedroom on the right.

Tastefully decorated bedroom.

Full kitchen with all the cooking utensils. 

Another bed on one side of the spacious living room.

Balcony, with a view of Haystack Rock. Oops! Blocked by the poles.


Entrance to the unit #201.

Street scene from the corner unit, Hemlock and Harrison.

Hemlock Street from the balcony side. Stores, restaurants, and market right across the street. This is not the downtown section of town but very convenient still.

This way down two short blocks to the beach on Harrison.

Sea Breeze Court from Harrison side of the building. Parking in the rear.

At night.

Just felt like 'home'.

Entrance to the office.

Back to our room for the night.

We were lucky and got the best unit of the whole building, I believe. Knowing how expensive hotels rooms can be in Cannon Beach, I thought we got an excellent deal on this lovely stay!