It all started here...

It all started here...

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dragon Air Economy and Cathay Pacific Premium Economy

Back to Hong Kong and then California
September 6, 2016

It's time to go home! After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, we were taken to the airport by various vans according to our flight schedules. We would be flying from Chengdu to Hong Kong on Dragon Air (now Cathay Dragon) at 1:55PM.

On our way to the Chengdu Airport.

The Chengdu Airport is in the Shuanliu District.

Chengdu Shuanliu Airport

Waiting for our food at the airport after clearing security.

A last bowl of Sichuan noodle sounded like a good idea.

Beef noodle--and I think this was not Sichuan noodle but rather Lanzhou noodle.

Very quiet!

We thought we were waiting at the right gate but they changed the gate on us at the last minute. Good thing we listened to the announcement. Now we had to go downstairs and take the shuttle to the remote boarding.

Dragon Air KA821 --Chengdu to Hong Kong

Here it is, Dragon Air to Hong Kong.

Typical leg space.

Pushing back.


Last glimpse of Chengdu airport.

Aerial view of Chengdu.

Meal was fine on this flight, nothing special except the ice cream.

After a couple of hours we arrived Hong Kong on a very cloudy and gloomy day.

Now that the airport is in Chek Lap Kok, we rarely see the Victoria Habor when we fly into Hong Kong from the States. 

As soon as we see this bridge we knew that the airport is near.

Clearer now as we approached the airport.

Hong Kong International Airport


Li Tak Hot Pot, Kowloon City

We had seven hours before our flight to LAX at midnight so we decided to go in town with JC and CeC for a good hot-pot dinner.

This is JC's favorite hot-pot place in Kowloon City and we have been here a couple of times already, thanks to JC and CeC.

Lots of great food!

After our wonderful dinner JC and CeC took us back to the airport so we can get ready for our flight home.

Land side of the airport.

We already had our onward boarding passes so we bypassed the check-in counters and went right through security.

Airside of the airport.

This same stand that we saw a week ago.

Cathay Pacific CX 880 -- Hong Kong to Los Angeles Surprised Upgrade

We are Cathay Pacific's Marco Polo member, lowly green, but we were still able to board after the first and business class passengers and a special check-in line which made a huge difference. As the ground crew scanned my boarding pass, she said we have changed your seat. Before I could even say, "But we are suppose to be in exit row seats." She said, we have upgraded you. Whoa! What a surprise! But what about my family? She replied, they are also upgraded. Praise God for this unexpected surprise.

We were in the last row of the premium economy cabin. 

Welcome drink

First meal--a very good piece of steak.

Breakfast before landing--western style.

MOR's Chinese breakfast.

Amenity kit

and what all were inside.

This concluded our trip for this summer. It had taken me too long to post these here and I blame it on jet lag. The older I get, the harder it is to get over jet lag when flying long distance. Plus trying to catch up with whatever we needed to do post trip took up all the time we had. We will be going on another trip to Southeast Asia very soon. Until then, wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!