It all started here...

It all started here...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland

HAL Zuiderdam 12-Day Fjords and Highlands Cruise Day 7
Tuesday May 12, 2017 -- Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland (8:00~4:00)
Weather: Cloudy and misty then turned sunny

As we ended our trip to Norway, we reached our first port in Scotland--Lerwick. Zuiderdam anchored off the shore of Lerwick at 7:08 this morning, a little ahead of schedule. It looked like that it would be a cloudy and rainy day but very peaceful when looking out to the islands. Not sure how our day will turn out but eagerly waiting for our adventure in this far away land.

Cloudy and rainy.

Lerwick, Shetland Islands
The Shetland Islands are Great Britain's most northerly islands situated about 50 miles northeast of the Orkneys. Lerwick is the capital of the principal island of Mainland most northerly town. The popular sights of this town included the old harbor, the town hall, and the prehistoric Bronze Age fort-Clickimin Broch. 

After my not-much breakfast (because I forgot to take my medication after getting up this morning) we went to the Queen's Lounge for our tender tickets at 9:00. We were on the tender almost immediately. A female immigration officer was at the gangway, right before we got on the tender, checking passports. It was just a face-to-face meet with our passport page opened, no stamping on the passports. She just asked if we were getting off at any one of the ports in the UK or if we were debarking in Copenhagen. A quick and easy process. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking why they didn't do that on the Getaway? 

As we got off the tender at Victoria Pier, we were given maps of the town and a string ensemble was there greeting us with beautiful music.

The Knab
Our first destination would be the Clickimin Broch and I have read that we should take the long route through the Knab to get there for the beautiful views. That was exactly what we did and what a wonderful walk we had!

I saw that the Knab route was not shown on the map that they just gave us so I asked the young volunteer the right way to get there. She graciously pointed out the way and assuring us that it is indeed the most scenic walk on the island.

Instead of taking the short route through Church Road, we followed her advice and went through the other side of Commercial Street with the water on our left.

Even with the not-so-wonderful weather, there were lots of interesting sights to see.

raindrops on my lens

Old buildings standing so close to the water.

Homes for Widows

Anderson is a big name here. This is the birthplace of Arthur Anderson, co-founder of P&O and credited with inventing cruising and made Lerwick's claim to fame in the cruise world.

Home with interesting landscape.

Commercial Street turned into Twageos Road.


Then it turned into a footpath around the 'peninsula'. I believe that's the Bressay Island across on the east side.

passing by a cemetery

I was really surprised that there were not that many tourists here. Maybe most people just stayed in town?

Dramatic coastal views with the old wall on one side.

Lots of seabirds but unfortunately we did not see any seals that day.

Instead of going up Knab Road, we went through this gate to continue our walk down to the Clickimin Broch area.

Clickimin Loch can be seen here.

I have to say that this was the most fun and scenic walk we had on this trip. It took us longer to get from the pier to Clickimin Broch but well worth the time and energy.

The end of the footpath at Breiwick Road and Ronald Street.

Continuing down Breiwick Road.

Then we went up King Harald Street to Scalloway Road/South Road down to Clickimin Broch.

Another cutely decorated front yard along the way.

There, Clickimin Broch at Clickimin Loch.

Shetland pony (?) at the road side.

Clickimin Broch
Clickimin Broch was first excavated around 1861 believed to be built in the 1st Century AD on the south shore of Clikimin Loch about 3/4 mile from Lerwick town.

Entrance to Clickimin Broch.

As we entered the gate...

there were a couple more ponies.

This was smaller than what I expected to see.

Hardly anyone else was there.

Saying 'good-bye' to the ponies.

Town of Lerwick
After Clickimin Broch, we walked back up South Road/Scalloway then up Gilbertson Road towards the Toll Clock Shopping Center. This was a slightly uphill climb but it was a nice walk. I assume if we did not want to hike up we could have taken the Lochside which seemed to be flatter.

We did not find anything we wanted after going through some shops then we just followed Commercial Road then Market Street back to the town center. Unfortunately, the Town Hall was under reconstruction with scaffolding all over so we just made our way to Fort Charlotte instead.

Entering Fort Charlotte through Anderson Place.

View of Zuiderdam from the fort.

Fort Charlotte from Esplanade. Then we went through the 2nd Floor of Harry's Department Store and out back to Commercial Street which had more shops and restaurants.

ChC got some pastries from Peerie Cakes.

Poor thing!

One of the side streets.

Commercial Street

We bought a few hand-knitted wool sweaters from a couple of stores here. We found this port to have the best price for wool sweaters. This one especially had hand-knitted sweaters by locals on consignment. The cost of sweaters was actually less than expected and we were happy with all of our purchase. I would have gotten more if not for lack of luggage space.

Awe...someone had a little lamb out for a walk.

Back to the Esplanade where we started with Victoria Pier in the back.

Victoria Pier

A view of the town center from Esplanade.

Esplanade and Church Road

Back on the tender after spending five hours in town enjoying the beautiful sights and fun shopping.
It was 2:00 when we got back to the ship for a late lunch.

A few shots of the islands as we leave port at 3:56.

The crisp was really good!

Looking back on the day here, I think the Knab walk was the highlight of this port. 
Lerwick is an absolutely beautiful small town and very walkable. Do take the time for the Knab walk, you won't regret it.

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