It all started here...

It all started here...

Thursday, August 23, 2012


The morning arriving Corfu. We had breakfast at the buffet. A beautiful day indeed!

Sailing in the Greek Isles and Adriatic Sea is just a great experience.

We got off the ship soon after it docked and took the free shuttle from the ship to the port entrance. Then we took the city bus from the port entrance to Old Town for 1,40euros pp. We walked from the bus station to the new fort which was close by.

The new fort. Corfu had been sought after by many different countries so they built forts to protect themselves.

Looking down from the top of the fort to where the bus stop was.

We could see our ship docked out there.

That's the Old Fort.

A panoramic view of the city.

At the very top of the fort we found free Wi-fi connection. Everybody was trying to take advantage of that. It's just too expensive to get internet access on the cruise.

Afterwards, we tried to get to the Old Fort which is on the other side of town. We got lost on the way and was directed to the long way. It was still a nice walk though wherever we were and we got to explore much of the town itself.

Enjoying some street food as we were walking along.

Then we came to the sea side of town near the old fort.

a nice park across the street

We found the Old Fort, but by now, nobody wanted to take the long walk and hike up there.

Then we walked back in town, found a restaurant and enjoyed a nice Greek lunch.

That's a "mobile musical player". They will come by and play music for you but you will have to pay for the service.

Yummy bread!

Greek salad


Farmer's rice

After lunch we walked back to the bus station and took the bus back to the port.

Many vendors along the way with some good bargains.

Ha! Cute!

Back to the ship--

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